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What are your rental requirements?
Please see our Terms of Hire.
Is a deposit required to confirm a rental?
A deposit is not required. Once your booking request has been made, our Reservations Agent will reserve your vehicle and email you your rental confirmation number provided a vehicle is available for the period desired.
Can I pay online?
Currently, online payment is not available. To prepay for your rental a credit card authorization form can be provided on request.
How do I pre-register a third driver?
We are currently updating our website to allow this. Meanwhile please email us a copy of the third driver's license and home address.
Where do I return the vehicle at the airport?
The vehicle should be left in the car park. Please take the key and parking ticket into our
Can I return my car to the airport if I'm leaving on the 5 am flight? What do I do?
Yes, you can return your car to the airport outside of office hours. Your agent will give you specific instructions when you collect the vehicle.
Can payment be made to confirm underage drivers?
Our minimum age limit is 21 years.
I’m over 80 years old; does that mean that I wouldn’t be permitted to rent with you?
You may still be permitted to rent with us provided a Doctor’s Certificate, indicating your ability to operate the vehicle is provided at the time of the rental.
I have an International Driver’s License; will I still require a Local Driver’s Permit?
Yes, a local permit must be obtained in order to drive in St. Lucia
Where can I attain a Local Driver’s Permit?
Our Rental Agents are authorized to issue these permits to our clients. They may also be acquired from any Police Station.
Can I pay extra insurance to avoid having to pay any excess?
Our maximum coverage is Extra Protection (EP). This reduces your excess to USD$125.00
My Credit Card provides insurance coverage; do I still need to purchase an optional Collision Damage Waiver from you?
We do not advise on credit card coverage as if differs on issuing banks. Please consult your local credit card company to find out if it is applicable. We do recommend that you take Extra Protection coverage as this ensures a reduction in your liability.
Is there a fee to have my rental vehicle delivered to my hotel?
No, Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals provides free delivery to your hotel or guest house.